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taught by PRC’s partner Conservation Consultants Inc! 
Conservation Consultants Inc. (CCI), a non-profit group that’s been helping the people of Western Pennsylvania Get Energy Smarter since 1978 

Solar 101:  An Overview of Solar Energy Systems

This workshop discusses the ways that Solar Energy is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life in Pennsylvania.  Participants will learn the various ways in which Solar Energy is captured to generate energy for homes, businesses and remote systems by viewing a passively heated home, a domestic hot water system on a commercial building and various Solar Photovoltaic (PV) applications. 

We’ll discuss the current and future economics of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems and the incentives currently available to make those systems more affordable.  Lastly, we’ll show how PV is deployed, the ecological and national security benefits realized by PV and explain how PV is creating homegrown jobs for designers, installers and even US based manufacturing.  The cost is $20 per person; $25 for couples.

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Home Energy Workshop

Tired of high gas and electric bills?  Want your home to have a friendlier impact on our air and waters? Come to this energy efficiency workshop, full of practical, low-cost tips that can green your home in more ways than one. Learn about energy tips that will save you not only dollars but shivers. Cut Back On Utility Bills Before Winter Hits again! Workshop is presented by the Education and Outreach Coordinator for CCI. Participants will receive an energy saving bag includes electricity and gas saving devices. Cost is $25 per person; $30 for couple.

Check back soon for upcoming workshops

For more information please call (412) 488.7490 ext. 236 or email Sarah Alessio Shea.

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